Creative and production work for

digital graphics in Japanese and English:

for DM Packages, Brochures, Catalogs, Sales Manuals,
Annual Reports, Advertisements, Web Design, Translation etc.


Ad-boutique Inc. works closely with your business to streamline the design process.
We want to ensure we properly reflect your company ideals creating logos, websites, brochures, etc. with designs unique to your company or small business. Regardless of your design needs,
Ad-boutique Inc. will give your business individual attention in order to forge a lasting relationship through our creativity and your satisfaction.


Ad-boutique Inc.'s goal is to give each of our clients the best professional presence possible at
an affordable price. We believe that great graphic design can help your business become more productive, more successful, and more competitive. We also believe in supporting and
maintaining our work once the project is complete.


Ad-boutique Inc. enjoys the challenges offered with every creative opportunity. We start by
meeting you and your team, take inspiration from these meetings and create a personal, professional design specific to your needs. Ad-boutique Inc. stays with the project from the initial meetings through the final printing phase. We often travel to printing sites to ensure jobs are
done to our standards.

Project Outline

  • Meeting (budget discussion, individual thought process, company size,
    goals, market, exact needs)
  • Design (logo, website, photographs, employee participation)
  • Design approval and moving forward
  • Printing or Website startup
  • Meeting to gauge satisfaction


Ad-boutique Inc. was established in June 2013. Located in midtown Manhattan, the focus is primarily on Japanese language graphic design in an American market. etc